Adriana Madera, better known as Adriana Evans, is a famous American R&B soul singer and songwriter. Adriana is well known for her music in several genres, that include R&B, hip-hop, funk & soul, and neo-soul. Being one of the pioneers of the early-2000s neo-soul movement, she has had an important impact on soul music. Some of Adriana’s hit singles include “Love is All Around” (1997). Reality (1995), Hey Now (2006). Weatherman (2010), and several others. 

Early Life

Adriana Evans was born in San Francisco in the year 1974. Her mother, Mary Stallings was a jazz singer. Music played a very important role in life from an early age. Adriana is an only child and her mother’s work in the jazz music scene influenced her to pursue music as a career. When she was eighteen, Adriana moved to Los Angeles. This is also when she met rapper Dred Scott. Eventually, she was featured in Dred Scott’s music video “Check the Vibe”. 

Music Career

During the 1990s, Adriana Evans got a deal with Capitol Records. However, the CEO of PMP records, Paul Stewart, played an important role in helping Adriana get this music deal. Eventually, she released her debut album titled “Adriana Evans” in 1997. It was a great success and was also featured at number 33 on the Billboard Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums chart. This album also featured some of her hit singles, including “Love Is All Around” and “Seein’ is Believing”. 

However, after releasing her debut album, Adriana took a break and moved to Brazil. She made a comeback in 2004 and released her second music album “Nomadic”. This was a dynamic album that featured several musical genres. Soon after, she released her third album “Kismet” in 2005. This release was followed by “El Camino” in 2007 and “Walking with the Night” in 2010. This album also featured the hit single “Weatherman”. Adriana Evans has had a wonderful music career and contributed immensely to the soul music genre. 

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