The pandemic lockdown brought out a lot of entertainment gems. But none more relevant than Enny’s “Peng Black Girls.” ‘Peng’ is British slang for hot. At a time when people were stuck in their homes with nothing to dress up for or look up to, UK rapper Enny released the single to remind black women of how gorgeous they were. This song was a letter to “self” as, for a time, she struggled with accepting herself. Essentially, it served as a reminder to herself about her black beauty. The theme of diversity in beauty is also very strong in the song. For this reason, it’s a song that many women can relate to.

Enny or Enitan Adepitan is a woman of many talents. Yet, playing the keyboard is one she has stuck to for the longest time. Being introverted by nature, her father introduced it to her as a pass time. A habit that landed her in the music scene. From her early roots making music and doing freestyles, she was first signed onto Root 73. This meteoric rise meant she ended up in the same management as Jorja Smith. This meeting birthed the remix to her hit song ‘Peng Black Girls’ and the beginning of its worldwide fame.

Adepitan is definitely still shy. However, she hopes to step into the footsteps of black female rappers like Missy Elliot and Miss Lauryn Hill. These powerful women have had a significant influence on her music. With a hit song, a new upbeat party track already out, and an EP in the works, the future seems busy and bright for Enny. We can’t wait to see what she brings out.