Recently, R&B artists Masego and Elhae have released a fresh new track called “My City”. This is a wonderful collaboration between the two music artists. With a soothing and pleasant vibe, “My City” is a refreshing new track. “My City” is a perfect example of how talented these R&B artists are. In addition to the song, the music video perfectly complements the track. Both Masego and Elhae have delivered their best in this latest collab. “My City” is Elhae’s follow-up to his previous single titled “Separated”. However, he also plans on releasing a new album later this year with Motown Records. Elhae and Masego’s “My CIty” is now out on all the major music streaming platforms.

Intro & Lyrics of the Track

“My City” has perfect beats and music that will make you move. The track starts off with a slow and smooth intro highlighting Masego’s unique music style. Following Masego’s intro is Elhae with his peppy lyrics and vocals. In addition to the smooth music, both artists give out positive vibes throughout this track. “My City” is a song that showcases how both Masego and Elhae run their city. With cool and catchy lyrics, the track will definitely get you grooving. The track is a perfect representation of what two talented artists can create together. Filled with sensational R&B vibes, “My CIty” is exactly what we need to start our summer with.

Music Video

In addition to the solid track, “My City”s music video goes along perfectly with the song. The music video starts off with both Masego and Elhae playing golf. The city is theirs’s and they want to achieve it all. After that, both the R&B artists can be seen driving into the desert in a convertible. The entire video radiates positivity and has chill-vibes. It also highlights the point that our world is slowly recovering from the pandemic. This song is a perfect way to start the summers’ and get back to enjoying life! 

Collaboration Between Masego & Elhae

The way these two artists collaborated for “My City” is also worth mentioning. Elhae shares “I called Masego on FaceTime one-day asking if he wanted to be a part of this next project. We’ve always talked about working but never got a chance to really make it happen. Fortunately, and unfortunately due to COVID, time was all we had. Masego had the beat and the hook done already. So it was up to me to provide the rest. I’m really happy with how this song came out and I hope people enjoy it.”

In conclusion, “My City” is a cool new track that will get you moving to its beats. Both Masego and Elhae have delivered their best and it can be seen in this song. Moreover, this track is a perfect way to start the summer season! So, go ahead and check out “My City” by Masego and Elhae. For more such Soul music news and information, do check out our website – DLK Soul.

Check out Masego & Elhae’s song “My City” HERE.