The super talented R&B singer and songwriter Alicia Keys has dropped her latest music album titled ‘Alicia’. Originally scheduled to be released in March, the album was delayed by the Covid-19 pandemic. This gorgeous creation is the artist’s seventh studio album, which comes after her previous album ‘Here’. Released by RCA records, it is largely written and produced by Alicia and features contributions from industry talents like Swizz Beatz, Rob Knox, Johnny McDaid, and many others. The album has also released seven singles, which features artists like Khalid in the beautiful track “So Done”. Alicia’s soulful and gorgeous voice makes this album a true masterpiece. This amazing collection of splendid music is now out on all the major music streaming platform.

Music is the shorthand of emotion, and Alicia has used her creative talents to perfectly pour out her emotions into soul-soothing music. Her latest album’s motive is to give people hope, inspiration, and spread positivity in a time of despair. The music in this album has been created with pure love and derives harmonies from piano-based ballads and bass-driven R&B music, with beats that will sync to the rhythm of your bodies. Alicia’s music goes in through the ear while it touches the heart and soul. The album is filled with positive music, love and hope while her creations are something that we can all relate to. This album features the artist’s most truthful and authentic music, which is truly soul-soothing.

Tracks like “Authors of Forever” which is also Alicia’s favorite pick from her album, describes and emphasizes how people are the creators and the destroyers of everything. She has beautifully portrayed in her music as to how humans are the givers and also the takers, and we cannot just focus on a single aspect, as all elements are required to function and create a harmonious environment. Her music portrays and inspires a feeling for hope and change, and how we can together create a better world for everyone. “Truth Without Love” is also another amazing track that describes how our world has become elusive. Songs like “Perfect Way to Die” and “Good Job” focus and emphasize the importance and elements of essential workers and social forces. Overall this album is a perfect combination and fusion of hopeful and positive music, which is meant to inspire, change, and spread joy.

With her melodious and divine voice, Alicia’s music houses the ability to make us experience pure bliss. Combined with perfect harmonies and deep meanings in each song, this album is truly special. With passion and desire to create gorgeous music and a fire in her soul, Alicia is one of the best talents we have in the music industry, and her journey and music career has been truly remarkable. So go ahead and experience this phenomenal new album, and dwell into a world of exquisite harmonies!

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