Giveon|The new baritone singer-songwriter you should know about

Giveon is a Grammy-nominated R&B artist who oozes enchanting baritone vocals. However, it is his thoughtful approach to music-making that makes him one of the fresh new talents of recent times. Giveon’s debut with a major record label was the song “Like I Want You,”—a groovy retro-contemporary tune that opened the way for bigger projects. If you didn’t already know Giveon, it would be easy to assume that his success happened overnight. Contrary to this, he has always been around music circles. In fact, Giveon himself thinks his journey has been many years in the making.

Giveon served at restaurants for a while. It was his determination to get himself heard that pushed him a long way to the success he enjoys today. Clearly, he grabbed the opportunities when they presented themselves. And from “Like I Want You,” he has gone on to release several singles in quick succession. Some notable ones include “Take Time” and “When It’s All Said and Done.” That said, he also had an incredible breakout year in 2020. He has featured on Drake’s hit song “Chicago Freestyle” and Justin Bieber’s “Peaches.”

Giveon’s unique style of music comes from some very serious. He cites Frank Ocean, Frank Sinatra, and Barry White as some of his inspiration. Giveon also looks up to Miguel and Drake, and in the music scene with no new styles, Giveon is a breath of fresh air. He has defined his own lanes in R&B, and we can’t wait for more from him. For more R&B music news and information, do check out our website – DLK Soul.