Melissa Vivane Jefferson or better known as Lizzo is one of the hottest and most trending R&B artists recently. With a gorgeous and sensational voice, she has charmed her way into the hearts of millions. Music is a form of magic, and Lizzo possesses the art of creating soulful and mesmerizing melodies. Having had a remarkable career, she is currently dominating the R&B scene with her solid tracks. This singer, rapper, songwriter, and flutist has the ability to combine fire and ice in her musical performances, and has amassed a huge fan following due to her amazing musical talents. 

Born in Detroit, Michigan, Lizzo and her family relocated to Houston, Texas. And soon after, music had made an important place in her life. Lizzo started rapping as a teenager and at the age of fourteen, she formed a musical group called “Cornrow Clique” with her friends. And this was the time when she was nicknamed as Lizzo, which was inspired by Jay-Z’s song ‘Izzo (H.O.V.A). After her graduation, she studied classical music and focused on flute at the University of Houston. Soon after, she moved to Minneapolis and started performing with various indie groups which included “The Electro Soul-pop Duo” and “Lizzo and the Larva Ink”. Lizzo also formed a three-piece all-female Rap and R&B group called ‘The Chalice’, and in 2012 they released their first album ‘We Are the Chalice’.

Lizzo’s debut album “Lizzobangers” was released in 2013, which was produced by Lazerbeak and Rayn Olson. It was a successful album and the start of her amazing career. And after the success of her debut album, Lizzo released her second studio album “Big Grrrl Small World” in 2015. And in 2016, Lizzo signed up with Atlantic Records and released her first major-label extended play called “Coconut Oil”. The album was praised widely and gave Lizzo widespread recognition and fame. It topped various music charts and was an overall success. Another topic that Lizzo often focuses on and highlights in her music is accepting and embracing one’s body, sexuality, race, and features. She creates music that inspires and motivates people.

Lizzo has been featured on various shows and movies like Netflix’s “Someone Great”, “Hustlers” 2019, and many more. And after her single “Cuz I Love You” was released, it became a viral hit and was also trending on the app TikTok. Her song was featured on The Billboard Top 200 Chart for quite some time. Her music has been truly amazing and has topped various charts like the Billboard Hot 100, UK Singles Chart, and various other popular music charts. And due to her remarkable and inspiring journey and musical performances, Lizzo has also received various prestigious awards like the Billboard Music Awards, three Grammy Awards, eight nominations for the Annual Grammy Awards, two Soul Train Music Awards, and many more. Lizzo is one of the rising talents of the R&B industry and we can’t wait to see what she has next in store for us!