After a 60-year association with Motown Records, the music legend Stevie Wonder announced the end of his collaboration with them and the inception of his own music label titled ‘So What The Fuss Music’. This announcement was made by Stevie via a virtual press conference where he explained about his new venture and how he was blessed with a new kidney and now is healthy and ready to rock the stage. And along with the launch of his new music label, Stevie is also releasing two amazing new tracks that aim to spread positivity and hope. The singer, songwriter, and music producer is all set to create some stellar melodies under his own label. 

Stevie’s new label has been created in affiliation with Republic Records, and this new collaboration has been named “So What The Fuss Music” after Stevie’s gorgeous and legendary track called ‘So What the Fuss’ from his 2005 album “A Time To Love”. This track also won the Grammy Award for Best Male R&B Vocal Performance. Stevie was associated with Motown Records since 1961, and after six decades he has ended his association with them. After having released more than two dozen albums with Motown Records, this is the first time Stevie will be releasing music through a different label. But even after leaving Motown, Stevie commented: “Even if I’ve left Motown, I never leave Motown”.

Along with the launch of his new music label, Stevie is also releasing two new songs which are: “Can’t Put it in the Hands of Fate” which features Rapsody, Chika, and Busta Rhymes. This song is about a relationship, and how a guy expresses his love to the girl, but she leaves it all in the hands of fate. Stevie had been working on this track for quite some time, and finally completed it. And the second song is “Where is Our Love Song” which features ‘Gary Clark Jr’. Stevie had been working on “Where is Our Love Song” since he was 18 and had its melody in his mind. Now finally in 2020, he wrote the lyrics, created this gorgeous song and gave it life. He also announced that the proceeds from both these tracks will go to “Feeding America”, as Stevie believes that one should give back to the society as it is the only way to truly grow and evolve in life.

Both these beautiful new songs take inspiration from Stevie’s journey and struggles in life and the motivation and hope that kept him going. These songs are created to radiate positivity and inspire the audience. He plans to do an EP with a lot of new artists and combine these two songs in the EP. Stevie also announced that he soon plans to release a new full-length album titled “Through The Eyes of Wonder”. And this project will be an extensive and exquisite combination of all his life experiences and his journey. He believes that music can help us get through these challenging times, and we all should pray and hope for the best.

After battling and undergoing kidney transplant surgery in December 2019, Stevie is now fit and healthy and has received a new kidney. Since then, he has told how the doctors and nurses have been ensuring he takes his medication on time, and overall ensures care and proper precautions. Now, with a fresh and positive outlook, Stevie is all set to create some amazing music and make people experience pure bliss and melody through his creations. Having sold over a hundred million records worldwide, he is one of the best-selling music artists of all time, and we can’t wait to see what he has next in store for us. So go ahead and experience the two new amazing tracks by Stevie and dwell on his phenomenal music.  Check out Stevie Wonder’s amazing music here –