The phenomenally talented Grammy-winning R&B artist John Legend has released an amazing new track ‘Wild’. It is the latest addition to the artist’s seventh studio album called ‘Bigger Love’. This song has been created in collaboration with artist Gary Clark Jr. Along with the release of this song, John Legend and his gorgeous wife Chrissy Teigen have announced they are expecting their third child. The celebrity couple is already parents of two and now have confirmed their third pregnancy. ‘Wild’ is a beautiful and exotic song with some breathtaking visuals. The brand new track ‘Wild’ is now out on all the major music streaming platforms.

Music once admitted to the soul becomes a sort of spirit, and this latest song by John is pure bliss and beautiful vibes combined. ‘Wild’ is a beautiful track with meaningful and deep lyrics. The song is about John and his wife Chrissy, and it conveys pure love and romance with melody. Listen closely to the lyrics and you will hear how John sings for his wife “I wanna drive you wild-wild-wild, and love you for miles and miles’. The way John has combined passionate lyrics with his divine voice is truly remarkable, and he has created a perfect track!

Along with the soothing music, the song is accompanied by a stunning video, with some breathtaking visuals. The couple can be seen on a beach with pearl white waves, a gorgeous sunset backdrop, and two magnificent stallions complementing the scene. The entire video is a nothing less than a masterpiece. While the video compliments the soulful and divine voice of John, the track is truly an extension of his love and desire for his wife.

The cherry on the cake here is how the video portrays their picture-perfect family, and towards the end of the video, John and Chrissy can be seen embracing each other, giving a subtle hint towards their third child. It is truly a beautiful and romantic video. John’s seventh studio album ‘Bigger Love’ was released on June 19th, 2020, and succeeds his previous album ‘A Legendary Christmas’. John stated he hoped the album would bring joy and be uplifting in light of the Covid-19 pandemic. He hopes his music will bring hope and joy to the people. His music is truly inspiring and soothes the soul.

‘Wild’ is an exquisitely graceful song that radiates pure love and positive vibes. The super talented artist has once again delivered a stunning track and demonstrated his passion and dedication towards music. We expect more such melodious music from him soon and can’t wait to see what he has in store for us! So, go ahead and experience this sensational new track and let the melodies take you away.

Check out the music video for ‘Wild’ here – CLICK

Check out the sensational new track here – CLICK