Lo-Fi Beats Are Everywhere: Meaningless Or Nostalgic?

Beats Transformed into the Soundtrack of Life

With the majority of the country still stuck inside, the popularity surge of lo-fi beats continues to make its presence known and heard. If you've noticed the trend in the last couple of years, then you saw the influx of the 24-HOUR LOOPED YOUTUBE VIDEOS with music production imperfections, which has now become an aesthetic choice. These types of sounds usually feature ANIMATED ANIMALS, people, or ANIME CHARACTERS as the cover art, that is also on a continuous loop to complement the music you could be listening to for hours on end.
Lo-Fi is mainly popular with younger people who appreciate a more serene style of music with HIP HOP ELEMENTS. This type of vibe is for the ones who enjoy a good book with a bright room, plants on the window seals, and a pet minding its own business. If you enjoy diving into a journal for some long-winded inspiration while tuning out a rainstorm outside, then lo-fi eats maybe the perfect way for you to relax, and experience joy on a nostalgic level.

Different Vibes Creating New Meaning

Not everyone agrees with the good reviews lo-fi received from its loyal followers as it continued to transcend into new genres. Some producers believe this type of production quality isn't necessary or even remotely useful. Some have called lo-fi beats “bland,” “uncreative,” or “boring,” claiming the meaning it once had as a subset of hip hop is now gone. Other producers say that the VARIETY it has now has given more artists endless room to experiment and create, giving the art a new cultural meaning, while never forgetting its roots. While opinions differ, there is no doubt of the impact this type of music has on the current generation and the possibilities of what it'll transform into next.

Music has the power to evoke feelings of the past, present, future, love, pain, happiness, knowledge, and so much more. People tend to SENTIMENTALIZE the most memorable parts of their lives, and with everyone still in quarantine, there is plenty of time, space, and opportunity to do so. These MINIMAL BEATS with sonic elements allow everyone to truly express the feelings and memories we all hold dear to our hearts. Lo-Fi can connect the souls of people from all over the world who have never shared a single moment, so when you get a chance, grab some headphones and zone out.